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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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The Cardigans were not even twenty years old when " Emmerdale " was released in Sweden yet they were already able to write lushious, well-crafted pop gems. What was most striking about them was that sense that these kids were in another time - maybe the 60's. Just remember the video-clip of " Sick And Tired ": the long-sleeve shirts , the flower mini skirts, them having a quiet pic-nic by the sea. It was full of images as far as possible from celebrity-like attutude and pop stardom.
What about the album now? Well ,lead singer Nina Persson looks and sings like an angel and combined with Peter Svensson's first class songwritting, the results are mostly exceptional. Already widely known hit singles "Rise And Shine" and "Sick And Tired" are pure pop perfection while "Over The Water" has this fearless carefreeness in it, it's almost magic."Cloudy Sky" 's daydreaming ("...i've wrote some poems for you") and "Our Space" with it's hypnotic, somehow psychedelic rythym also stand out. A must hear.

1. Sick and Tired
2. Black Letter Day
3. In the Afternoon
4. Over the Water
5. After All...
6. Cloudy Sky
7. Our Space
8. Rise and Shine
9. Celia Inside
10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
11. Seems Hard
12. Last Song

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