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Thursday, November 5, 2009


BIG POP (2008)
320 KBPS

It's quite hard to define the duet known as Big Pop. From their name, some might think they'll be up for a Beatles-like combo. No way. Big Pop merges jazz, rock in oppositon, krautrock, metal and electronica in a yet to be labeled kind of music. There's some Venetian Snare, some Pink Floyd (Ummagumma/Meddle era), some Magma, some John Zorn in these lads crazy stuff.
From what I've read, they built their debut double (!) album from improvisations reworked, cut and pasted in the studio, not unlike what Can once did. Sure, it's not all perfect but the nearly two hours give enough enjoyable material so that, if you're even remotely interested in the avant-garde music, you'd want to try this one of the kind and very promising French formation.

Disc 1
1. What that wha-wha war waltz was
2. Roy is a bacalao
3. Xtritsh
4. Leïder Staôn
5. Zer
6. Knuckelhead
7. Roy itself
8. Ouverture

Disc 2
1. Preïch Nikov
2. Troy
3. Spukyr music stapfa
4. Zombie slow
5. Pig bop
6. Oum
7. Razath
8. Attah
9. Gniws
10. Roy ?
11. Eïz godt a paod eo stbeen inm gaô
12. Uranus
13. Continuum
14. Agwîî prologue
15. Agwîî


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!!

DickBrewer said...

One of the most stunning albums I've heard this year!