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Thursday, November 26, 2009



Two albums from Frenchman Rob. Coming from the Versailles scene - just like Phoenix, Daft Punk, Mellow, etc. - Rob gives us his own version of the French touch. It's pompous, over the top, richly orchestrated. In a way, it's a little bit as if Queen was doing a Serge Gainsbourg album. There are many other influences, most of them coming from the 70's: you have some Ten CC, Electric Light Orchestra, Burt Bacharach, Beach Boys, Ennio Morricone etc. It sometimes is a little clumsy but in a good way as it gives the music a little more charm.
As far as I know (but I might be wrong) these are Rob only two albums. A real shame as it showed many promises so, if you like music that doesn't take itself too seriously, that has lush arrangements and a sense of humour, you ought to yourself to try it.

DON'T KILL (2000)
320 KBPS
1. De la musique
2. Power glove
3. Amours
4. Sitar fight ego
5. Je t'aime
6. xx
7. Chanson pour mes enfants
8. Don't kill
9. Don't Kill dub
10. Running for the gold
11. Asnière au soleil
12. Sweet femke
13. Fourteen metal
14. Don't kill me

320 KBPS

1. Introducing a satyred love
2. Godspeed
3. You & I & my song
4. King lover
5. Never enough
6. The wedding day
7. Mermaid deluxe
8. Love bizarre
9. Do you mind if I keep on watching you
10. Unilarme
11. Godspeed reprise


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