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Friday, November 6, 2009


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"Je Rêve Que Je Dors" is actor/singer Philippe Léotard's third album and places itself in the great tradition of quality French chanson. With arrangements heavily leaning on a jazz influence and his raw poetry, this album proves, if needed be, that you don't need a great voice to be a great singer. The many excesses of his life (alcohol and drugs mainly) have given Mr. Léotard a broken down style which fits his lyrics perfectly. It's a little as if Tom Waits did a Léo Ferré impression while still remaining very personal and emotional. Léotard didn't want to be a star, that much is sure, and his poignant and visceral style gives us much more than just a wannabe singer could. He was real and still is dearly missed. Try this, you will not be disappointed.

1. Lonesome Piéton
2. Magazines
3. Danse Du Grand Wanapi
4. Rhétorique Encéphalée
5. Des Enfants Qui S'Aiment
6. Un Blues
7. Basse Altitude
8. On Ne S'En Va Pas
9. Penguing Song
10. Don Juan Parle
11. Oï Tzigané
12. Je Reve Que Je Dors


Anonymous said...

Just to say, once again (but never often enough...), thank you for these French postings. They mean a lot to me and I'm really grateful.

Mark C

Max said...

Ah cool, merci!
Il est aussi bien que Demis-Mots Amers ?

Mr Moodswings said...

Perso je le trouve même légèrement meilleur. :)