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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


320 KBPS

A veteran of the French pop scene, Etienne Daho releases his 11th studio album and third collaboration with producer/ex-Les Valentins Edith Fambuena. Like every other Daho album, L'Invitation displays a bittersweet and subtle pop cocktail that slowly reveals itself as breathtakingly beautiful. Of course, Daho has not the strongest voice but, throughout his successful career, he managed to make the best of it always finding the best songwriting and arrangements. L'Invitation deals with very personal themes which truly drive the sound of the album.
In France, Daho is a star. And there's a reason for it. Listen to l'Invitation and you'll see (hear).

1. L'invitation
2. Cet Air Étrange
3. Obsession
4. L'adorer
5. Les Fleurs De L'interdit
6. Boulevard Des Capucines
7. Toi Jamais Toujours
8. Un Merveilleux Été
9. Sur La Terre Comme Au Ciel
10. La Vie Continuera
11. Cap Falcon

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