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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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Pati Yang is a Polish singer and a pioneer of trip-hop music in Poland.
Her debut album Jaszczurka (The Lizard, 1998) was probably the first Polish trip-hop record released by a major record label.
In 2001, she moved to London and married the musician Stephen Hilton with whom she started a musical project called Children and later Flykkiller - an electronic rock band. Pati also contributed to the soundtracks of the movies Code 46 and Egoiści.
In 2006, she released her second album Silent treatment which was recorded in the London Air Studios.
Third album, entitled “Faith, Hope + Fury” was released March 27th, 2009. Those looking for something like Goldfrapp will be delighted by this groovy and melodic work of clever and refined dance music.

1. Summer Of Tears
2. The Boy In Your Eses
3. Stories From Dogland
4. Over
5. Supernatural
6. Red Hot Black
7. Timebomb
8. A Little Wrong
9. Strange Friends
10. Outsider
11. Coming Home


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