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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


FOCUSED (1998)
320 KBPS

This is another fine effort from Cobham, who continues to turn out quality recordings that have gone largely unnoticed by both critics and consumers. Beginning with Incoming, Cobham toned down his thunderous approach in favor of a more controlled and complementary style. His compositions also reflected consideration for the development of his fellow bandmates. Focused continues this trend with an overwhelming sense of honesty. Joining him are his former bandmate Randy Brecker and fellow collaborator, drummer/keyboardist Gary Husband. Most of the tunes here are over seven minutes long and allow each member to fully develop their statements. Brecker is particularly stunning on "Nothing Can Hurt Her Now." Gary Husband backs up Cobham's accolades of him as being a thoughtful keyboardist. Carl Orr makes his presence felt as well, proving adept at both jazz and fusion guitar styles. There is also plenty of Cobham here to satisfy his drum following; however, there is a level of maturity and depth here that sets this session apart from his previous efforts.

1. Mirage
2. Sleaze Factor
3. Walking in Five
4. How Was the Night?
5. Three Will Get You Four
6. Nothing Can Hurt Her Now
7. Disfigured Mirrors
8. Avatar

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