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Thursday, April 15, 2010


320 KBPS

One of the most talented and recognized producers and songwriters within the British electronic and fusion music scene, Nitin Sawhney is also a respected actor, writer, and scriptwriter. Conceiving daring theme combinations of electronica-style beats with gleaming pieces of Asian inspirations driven within the trip-hop and jazzy styles, Sawhney delivers exclusive and overwhelming sound pieces, enlightened by his indubitable creative insight.
Introducing is a compilation of Nitin's best tunes up to 1999 and a perfect introduction to the artist.

1. Migration
2. Bahaar
3. Hope
4. River Pulse [Rain Mix]
5. Market Daze
6. Pieces of Ten [Chandru Mix]
7. Herecica Latino
8. Displacing the Priest
9. Bengali Song
10. Streets
11. Voices
12. Oceans and Rain

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