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Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Calvin Russell is back with a new album recorded in Austin, Marrakech and Paris with producer and guitarist Manu Lanvin.
At 65, the Texan country-bluesman delivers his usual mix of blues, rock and country, one that made him famous iin France and Europe but failed to gain him more than a local audience in his homeland. His deep and touching voice is still here and so are the lyrics which tell the tales of everyday people as well as the story of his life.
Along the 12 songs of Dawg Eat Dawg, you'll hear a man that manages to mix the best of tradition and modernity. You'll also find the theme song from the latest "Lucky Luke" movie (directed by James Hutt and featuring Jean Dujardin, "Gangster of Love) as well as a duet with French actor Gérard Lanvin, "5 m²" inspired by the words of Charlie Bauer who was Jacques Mesrine's, the French public enemy #1 in the 70s, partner in crime.

1. Like A Revolution
2. 5m²
3. Halloween
4. To You My Love
5. Texas Blues
6. Sweetest Tenderness
7. Rolling Wheel
8. Gangster Of Love
9. Are You Waiting ?
10. Dawg Eat Dawg
11. Too Old To Grow Up Now
12. 5m² (Feat. Gérard Lanvin)

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