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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


320 KBPS

A visible link between indie-rock and the emergent post-rock later in the '90s, Salaryman formed around a quartet of ex-Poster Children: Rick and Jim Valentin, Rose Marschack and drummer Howie Kantoff. Based in the Midwestern college-town stronghold of Champaign, Illinois, the group began recording for an album in 1996. After its release on their own 12Inch Records, City Slang picked it up for a European release. Now unavailable, this is a good example of how a band can be more talented than many others in the same field and still fall through the cracks. More focused than its peers, Salaryman gives us an entertainingly quirky view of what post-rock should sound like but seldom does.

1. Rather
2. Inca Picnic
3. Voids+Superclusters
4. New Centurions
5. Burning At The Stake
6. I Need A Monkey
7. Hummous

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