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Saturday, April 10, 2010


320 KBPS

This band has done everything. Including being a huge band in their own country, they have also been a profiled band in the rest of Europe. In their earlier years they have experimented with a little bit harder rock, but on this album they show that they can handle many music catogories. They have been proclaimed geniuses, and that title suits them. This album is butter smoothe, and just sends shivers down your spine, and shows the world that Norway has more than Lene from Aqua to brag about. These guys know how to make music.

1. The Other Food
2. Upstairs - Downstairs
3. Big Surprise
4. Walkin' with J.
5. Never Let You Out
6. Whip That Ghost
7. Stained Glass
8. My Best Friend
9. 30/30

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