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Monday, April 19, 2010


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Cigarette in mouth, banjo in hand, grey hair in the wind, here's Jacques Higelin again. We had to wait four long years to finally hear the returning adventures of the last great poet of French chanson, four long years well spent with "Amor Doloroso" and the live album which followed.
Higelin will be 70 this fall and it doesn't show. Sure, his voice has aged but like a good wine benefits from the passing of time, Jacques' voice has found new depths to move or entertain us.
Coup de Foudre, his new album, is as fresh as can be, joyous too. It's not as rock as his 70s album were but, then, who cares. With instruments such as a banjo, a piano, a trumpet (etc.) and melodies that immediately catch your ear, Higelin has managed, once again, to prove he still is one of the strongest forces of a French scene that owes him so much.
And then, there's the lyrics, never forced, little moments of lives Master Jacques seems to have collected and put on paper with wit and grace.
May Mister Higelin live a long life and give us many other albums, we so need him.

1. Coup De Foudre
2. J'Ai Jamais Su
3. Qu'Est-Ce Qui Se Passe?
4. New Orleans
5. Egéries, Muses Et Modèles
6. Kyrie Eleison
7. Hotel Terminus
8. Output
9. Valse Mf
10. Bye Bye Bye
11. Aujourd'Hui La Crise
12. Expo Photos

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