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Saturday, April 24, 2010


320 KBPS

In the five years between their debut album and 1999's Eyewitness, it's obvious that Shades Apart have learned how to write consistently catchy melodies. Eyewitness is a little too polished to be a straight-up punk rock record, and it sounds a little too indie to fall into the generic post-grunge category — it falls somewhere in between. But even if they aren't exactly treading musical territory that's uncommon for the '90s, what matters most is that the band has written a strong set of songs, and that's ultimately what pushes the record over the top.

1. Edge Of The Century
2. Sputnik
3. Stranger By The Day
4. Valentine
5. 100 Days
6. Chasing Daydreams
7. Know It All
8. Time Machine
9. Second Chances
10. Starry Night
11. Gabrielle
12. Speed Of Light

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