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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


TROUBLE (1978)
320 BBPS

This was the first proper full length Whitesnake album. 'Snakebite' was originally a four track EP and had four tracks from Coverdale's solo album 'Northwinds' added to make it up to album length for release outside of the UK.
In between the EP and 'Trouble' former Purple man Jon Lord replaced Pete Solley in the keyboard department. Although Lord plays on the album he was not at the original sessions and his parts were overdubbed afterwards.
In truth the album is a bit of a mish mash and is a slight disapointment after the excellent 'Snakebite' EP and Coverdale's two superb solo albums. There seems to be some sort of confusion as to the direction the music should be taking. There is good bluesy melodic rock alongside out and out almost early metal type rock. There are a couple of poppy Thin Lizzy type songs, an instrumental, a cover of a Beatles track and an awful track with Bernie Marsden on vocals. This makes the album a little disjointed in places.
'Take Me With You' kicks things off. A fast paced very heavy song with typical Coverdale lyrics it has survived in the live set to this day and Coverdale himself has stated it is one of his favourite Whitesnake songs. 'Love To Keep You Warm' is a personal favourite and is a solid rock track in the mould of Bad Company. 'Lie Down' was a live favourite for a while and has a catchy tongue in cheek chorus which was to become Coverdale's lyrical trademark. 'Day Tripper' was a strange choice of cover but does feature some interesting voice box effects by Bernie Marsden. ' Nighthawk' is pretty much run of the mill rock filler with hints of 'Come Taste The Band' era Deep Purple. 'The Time Is Right For Love' is a very poppy track making full use of the twin guitars and was released as a single although it failed to sell. 'Trouble' is possibly the albums highlight. A blues track in the 'Mistreated' mould but done in a Bad Company way. 'Belgian Tom's Hat-trick' is a fast paced instrumental which is guaranteed to get the foot tapping. 'Free Flight' is by far and away the weakest track on the album. Firstly it is just not a very good song and secondly the vocal from Bernie Marsden is just plain awful. (Fortunately he has improved with time and is now a quite capable singer on his own albums). 'Don't Mess With Me' closes the album in hard and heavy style.
So a strange opening album then. Full of promise but with a few false starts. Micky Moody,Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray were already starting to gel into the tight unit they still are today. Coverdale was still in top form but drummer Dave Dowle was already struggling and sounds a little out of place. The maestro that is Jon Lord was ...well Jon Lord.
Thankfully better was to come in the next few years but all in all it was a decent start.

1. Take Me with You
2. Love to Keep You Warm
3. Lie Down (A Modern Love Song)
4. Day Tripper
5. Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)
6. Time Is Right for Love
7. Trouble
8. Belgian Tom's Hat Trick
9. Free Flight
10. Don't Mess with Me
Bonus tracks
11. Come On
12. Bloody Mary
13. Steal Away
14. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City