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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


320 KBPS

9th album Austin, Tx's most popular bluesman in France. Actually, throughout his career, Calvin has proven to be a little more than a bluesman as his country roots often show in his music. "Unrepentant" is not a surprise, nor it is a revolution in Russell's sound, the man stil does what he knows which will please his fans. This 2007 album, if it isn't up to his first three albums ("A Crack in Time", "Sounds from the Fourth World" & Soldier) - his finest works in my opinion -, is a solid return to form after the so-so "In Spite of It All". Sure, it's still the same mix of raw/basic blues and country music influences but, just because of Calvin's voice, it's as tasty as this kind of fusion can ever get and, with lyrics that portrait an america too few Europeans know, it also has a sociological interest which is not to be undermined. Try it.

1. Are You Ready
2. Free In Freedom
3. Don'T Want To Go To Heaven
4. Midnite Man
5. When You Smile
6. Why I Love Her
7. The More I Know
8. Me And You
9. Different People
10. Petit Gars

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