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Monday, April 12, 2010


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In this day and age of mediocre to downright awful albums selling gazillions of records, I'm amazed that so many good to really excellent records seem to fall through the cracks. With this in mind that I decided to do my miniscule part to level the playing field, obviously a fruitless endeavor but hey, it's my time.
From time to time I will post albums that should have been big hits but barely left a whimper. The first of which is this rare gem by Great White called Psycho City
What's rare is that every song is a gem. No weak sisters, no filler. At 61 minutes of great music, you really get your moneys worth. Starting with the hard rocking title track, "Psycho City" and "Step on You" to slow bluesy plodding "Old Rose Motel" to the bigger than life "Big Goodbye", the quirky "Doctor Me", the eight minute ballad extravaganza "Love is a Lie", to the final bluesy "Get on Home" the album is solid. Psycho City goes down in my history book as one of the most unheralded, underrated, unappreciated rock album in history.
Great White has several great albums but none are better than Psycho City. And to think, this album only made #107 on Billboard album chart.

1. Psycho City
2. Step On You
3. Old Rose Motel
4. Maybe Someday
5. Big Goodbye
6. Doctor Me
7. I Want You
8. Never Trust A Pretty Face
9. Love Is A Lie
10. Get On Home

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