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Thursday, April 15, 2010


320 KBPS

In Wood/Water, the Promise Ring takes a step away from their distinctive emo-sound, resulting in the surfacing of a curious collection of unusual yet stunning music.
Wood/Water is a unique mixture of rock/pop and indie music. Doesn't sound appealing? You better check it out before you make any assumptions.
This CD is bursting with powerful songs which are full of dominating piano, acoustic guitar, and thoughtful lyrics. The mellow songs are generally calming and catchy, but occasional repetitive lyrics such as "Hey, Hey, Hey," might cause you to fall into a sleepy trance.
This was to be the Promise Ring's final album, too bad when it unveiled new ways for the band.

1. Size of Your Life
2. Stop Playing Guitar
3. Suffer Never
4. Become One Anything One Time
5. Wake Up April
6. Get on the Floor
7. Half Year Sun
8. My Life Is at Home
9. Letters to the Far Reaches
10. Bread and Coffee
11. Say Goodbye Good
12. Feed the Night

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