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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


320 KBPS

You've probably heard a lot of mixed reviews about this one. Critics bash it for being slow and unorganized, but fans love it for its dark tones and eerie singing. If you are expecting Throwing Copper out of this record, you will be very disappointed. It's a whole other beast.
The album is very slow, sometimes unbearably slow. However, the slowness of many of the songs are what makes them so effective. The guitar effects may seem excessive at first, but they are what really makes this album great. Chad Taylor is one of the most underrated guitar players of the 1990's, and he really shines on this record. His solos may not be prolific, but the notes are perfectly chosen and sound incredible. Patrick Dahlheimer's bass playing is often subtle but is equally brilliant. Like Taylor on the guitar, Chad Gracey is easily the most underrated drummer of the 90's. His snare drum sound is so recognizable and there is not a drummer around who can do so much with the snare drum alone. Ed Kowalczyk is great as the lead singer, but on some songs, his lyrics fall flat. On the song Century, you may find yourself amazed to hear words like "I can smell your armpits" and "Puke stinks like Beer."
The album highlights are Rattlesnake, Lakini's Juice, Ghost, Insomnia and the Hole in the Universe, Turn My Head, Heropsychodreamer, Freaks, and Gas Hed Goes West. Overall, this is a great 90's record and I think you will be satisfied if you get it.

1. Rattlesnake
2. Lakini's Juice
3. Graze
4. Century
5. Ghost
6. Unsheathed
7. Insomnia And The Hole In The Universe
8. Turn My Head
9. Heropsychodreamer
10. Freaks
11. Merica
12. Gas Hed Goes West

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