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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I LOVE YOU (2008)
320 KBPS

With Mathieu Boogaerts it's expect the unexpect. While he debutes mixing african rhythm to his unique blend of indie pop, folk and chanson, the music of Mathieu Boogaerts evolved, album after album, towards an easier/poppier definition of his own sound culmulating with Michel, an album that, as the artist states himself was the end of a cycle for him.
And now I Love You... It's both a back to basics and a step ahead for Mathieu. Back to basics as he regrouped on his prime minimalism and found back his original quirky sound. A step ahead as, for the first time, Mathieu flirts with some sort of dadaist avant-garde not unlike what an Albert Marcoeur is able to produce (check "Chappe de Béton" for example).
This album largely disappointed those who expected Mathieu to dig a little deeper in the melodious approach of Michel and put a smile on the faces of those, like me, who missed his original quirkiness. Now, it's up to decide what team you play with.

1. Come to Me
2. All I Wanna do
2. Chappe de béton
3. Jambe
4. Fais gaffe
5. Chaque fois
6. Do You Feel OK
7. Bandit
8. Corinne
9. Allez
10. Game Over
11. I Love You

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Anonymous said...

deconcertant, mais appreciable