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Thursday, April 15, 2010


320 KBPS

"Victims of the Future" is an excellent hard rock/heavy metal album from Gary Moore."Murder in the Skies", "Devil in Her Heart", "Victims of the Future" and "Teenage Idol" are all top notch rockers that reach the excellence of Gary's work on Thin Lizzy's excellent "Black Rose" album. "Shapes of Things" is a soulful cover of The Yardbirds' classic. "Empty Rooms" is a a mournful ballad and one of Gary's most well known songs. This song was re-recorded by Moore for his 1985 "Run for Cover" album. "Victims Of The Future" and "Murder In The Skies" are fairly dark songs for Gary and offer some political and social commentary. "Murder In The Skies" was written as a protest against the Soviet Union's shooting down of Korean Air Flight 007. It's also worthy to mention that this album features guest artists such as Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne), Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Ian Paice (Deep Purple) and ex-UFO keyboardist, Neil Carter.

1. Victims of the Future
2. Teenage Idol
3. Shapes of Things to Come
4. Empty Rooms
5. Murder in the Skies
6. All I Want
7. Hold on to Love
8. Law of the Jungle
Bonus Tracks
9. Devil in Her Heart
10. Blinder [Instrumental]
11. Empty Rooms [84 Remix]

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