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Monday, April 12, 2010


TRISTAN (2008)
320 KBPS

Jean Louis Murat, one of France's most prolific singer/songwriters, manages to make French language sound good with melodies originating from his unconditional love of artists such as Neil Young or Bob Dylan. On his previous album, he dealt with the words of Charles Baudelaire (and the musics of Léo Ferré), here, he gives us his own version of Tristan & Iseult which is not an easy task but, then, Murat doesn't like it when it too simple. Do not expect something sounding like a musical, Murat remains Murat and, with influences so firmly rooten in rock and folk, he does something unlike what anybody else would have come up with. Tristan is a magnificent and graceful album which does not feature a single potential hit but flows so well I dare you not to listen to it in full. We all need more artists like Jean-Louis Murat, artists that are able to convey depths through emotions without sounding pretentious or vain.

1. La Légende Dorée
2. L'Amour En Fuite
3. Mousse Noire
4. L'Hermine
5. Chante Bonheur
6. Tel Est Pris
7. Les Voyageurs Perdus
8. Dame Souveraine
9. Il Faut S'En Aller
10. Marlène


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Merci bien! Большое спасибо!

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