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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


SUMDAY (2003)
320 KBPS

Sumday doesn't so much represent a stylistic change for Grandaddy as it does a change in attitude. The Sophtware Slump, its predecessor, superbly combined low-budget experimentalism and country-tinged American pop to evoke everyone from the Flaming Lips to Neil Young to ELO. Sumday finds the California band conducting business as usual, though exhibiting a noticeably brighter mood. "I got not reason to be weathered and withery / Like in the season of the old me," Jason Lytle sings on opener, "Now It's On," demonstrating a newfound optimism that rears its sunny head throughout the album. "The Group Who Couldn't Say" could have been a bitter tirade against the music industry, but it's not, saved by Lytle's fragile voice, which is sweet without being naïve. "Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake," meanwhile, is carried along by a bouncy keyboard riff that's reminiscent of Under the Western Freeway's "A.M. 180," but with more playful lyrics. Even slower, more melancholy songs such as "Yeah Is What We Had," "The Warming Sun," and "Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World" retain the quality that Grandaddy's trademark sound: simple music played on a grand scale.

1. Now It's On
2. I'm On Standby
3. The Go In The Go-For-It
4. The Group Who Couldn't Say
5. Lost On Yer Merry Way
6. El Caminos In The West
7. "Yeah" Is What We Had
8. Saddest Vacant Lot In All The World
9. Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake
10. The Warming Sun
11. O.K. With My Decay
12. The Final Push To The Sum

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