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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


320 KBPS

Released in 1991, Momma Stud's one and only album was a nostalgic salute to the late sixties Stax sound (Otis Redding, Sam & Dave etc..). Certainly not benefiting from one of the ugliest artwork ever, the album did not score and so the band got kicked out Virgin records and died... It's sad as Cockadoodledo was a convincing re-run of the real Rythm and Blues music. lead by guitarist Kandal Crews, who composed most of the songs, seconded by vocalist etraordinaire Sorayan Ernest Carter (Otis illegitimate son, kinda...) and produced by Bernie Worrell (Funkadelic/Parliament) this album displays quality R'n'B throughout its 12 songs (13 here as I've found you a sweet B'side to Pray No More, the killer single). The band certainly does not create anything new but neither do/did lots of popular groups back then and now... So, if you're into quality R'n'B and desperately searching for new sensations... Momma Stud's for you!

1. Time
2. Porch
3. Stormy
4. Tossin' and Turnin'
5. Pray No More
6. Revised Edition
7. Call on Me
8. Groove Me
9. Baby Seed
10. Amazing Grace
11. Hallelujah
12. Yellow, Purple, Green (I Ain't Got Nothing)
Bonus Track
13. Cry for Freedom

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The bass player painted the cover. It may be ugly, but that is exactly how the guys looked (well, they weren't yellow, purple, green...).