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Thursday, September 24, 2009


320 KBPS

Bernard Butler's solo career was extremely brief, two years and two albums at Creation, bookended by collaborations with David McAlmont. People Move On is a laid back album in general, and thi was Butler setting his musical stall out; producing, writing, and arranging the whole thing, as well as mixing and recording, he also plays most of the instruments himself bar drums.
The music is expansive, the songs are huge; take, Woman I Know and Autograph, the first pastoral, the other epic. There are upbeat rockers here too, check out You Just Know with it's circular sub Paul Weller rhyff, and the anthemic Not Alone. There are a lot of slower accoustic numbers with big arrangements, People Move On itself, A Change Of Heart and In Vain being the most obvious. There is the huge tidal wave of Spectoresque sound When You Grow, with an impossibly massive sounding guitar solo, and the huge hit, the subtly layered and deeply beautiful, Stay. The only real stripped down moment is the warmly crafted accoustic song You Light The Fire, just guitar voice and harmonica, gently played and well judged.
Anyone expecting a Suede album will be disappointed, Bernard had truly moved on by this point, but listen carefully and what you have is the other half of what he was to do with ex-Suede front man Brett Anderson in The Tears, one half Suede rockers, other half sound paintings. Have a listen...

1. Woman I Know
2. You Just Know
3. People Move On
4. A Change Of Heart
5. Autograph
6. You Light The Fire
7. Not Alone
8. When You Grow
9. You've Got What It Takes
10. Stay
11. In Vain
12. I'm Tired

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