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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


320 KBPS

To say I've been eagerly expecting Emilie Simon's 3rd long play (not counting her sweet soundtrack to "La Marche de l'Empereur") is a massive understatement. Since her debut self titled album, I've been hooked on her Kate-Bushy voice, clever electronic arrangements and divinely precise pop songwriting. When news came that her brand new album was to be released on September 21rst I was beyond excited but also blocking any sound that could come to me. I wanted to live the whole experience not spoiling it by bits and pieces and, well, was I right! On "The Big Machine" Emilie seems to have chosen yet another path to express herself. She now sounds like Kate Bush's heir which could be embarrassing if the songs weren't THAT good. There are still hints of her electronica's past but these have sunk in a more organic background. Some will regret what might look like a commercial gesture, I'm sure it's not and even if it was, it's so well done that it doesn't spoil my pleasure one bit. Also, there are no more songs in French on "The Big Machine" which clearly shows the international aim of the album.
To sum things up, I would say this album will please those who like Kate Bush and regret that she's so rare, those who like pop done with taste and wit and just about every good music lover in the universe. GET IT NOW!

1. Rainbow
2. Dreamland
3. Nothing to do with you
4. Chinatown
5. Ballad of the big machine
6. The cycle
7. Closer
8. The devil at my door
9. Rocket to the moon
10. Fool like us
11. The way I see you
12. This is your world


Lucina said...

Wow, thank you so much ... going to buy it on my next stopover @ paris since it is still not available here in germany.

Salut, Lucina.

Allez said...

Thanks again SFP, and sorry for those times I didn't thank you! Hope nobody got hurt ...

mpop said...

You say she has a voice similar to Kate Bush's, but it never struck me before this album. In this third solo effort, it's more than obvious. It's more about the vocal style she uses in this album than the timbre of her voice.

The first few songs are the ones where this influence can be heard the most. (Or i just got used to this change halfway-through the album?) I should add, for those who worry about it, that this album is not a Kate Bush rip-off or an integral copy (whether great or not); there are quite a few songs that bear no resemblance to KB material. ;)

Two listens in, i really like it. I'm not sure i'll like it as much as Végétal, though. And i never thought i could say that about an album, but i kind of miss the balanced blend of French and English language songs, too.

Mr Moodswings said...

As I said in my short introduction, I think Emilie is trying to go international with this one.
Also, it sure isn't a complete Kate Bush rip-off but it still bears heavy ressemblances with Kate's poppier work.
That said, I miss the more electronic sound she used on her previous albums but I understand she had to elvolve if she didn't want to repeat herself.
In short, four listens for me, I like it for what it is, a new direction before the next one comes.