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Monday, September 21, 2009


SPOOKED (1997)
320 KBPS

When you think about the best, most consistent hard rock and metal bands, Pretty Maids never jumps out at you. Which is odd, considering the Danish band can always be counted on to release top quality melodic hard rock/metal albums.
It's hard finding a good point of comparison for this band. Westworld meets Jorn Lande's solo material comes closest, though Pretty Maids' vocals are not as distinctive as Tony Harnell's or Jorn Lande's. That comparison definitely captures Pretty Maids' melodic hard rock meets metal style though. Pretty Maids is heavier than the typical Frontiers melodic rock band, but not as heavy as a straight-up metal band.
The band's 1997 album Spooked is a solid album from start to finish. You won't find any traces of grunge, rap-metal, or alterna-rock here; just plenty of great hard rock songs, including a cover of the KISS classic Hard Luck Woman. Spooked is a very heavy, yet very melodic album that should appeal to anyone who enjoys hard rock and/or metal.

1. Resurrection
2. Freakshow
3. Dead Or Alive
4. Die With Your Dreams
5. Fly Me Out
6. Live Until It Hurts
7. Spooked
8. Twisted
9. If It Can't Be Love
10. Never Too Late
11. Your Mind Is Where The Money Is
12. Hard Luck Woman
13. The One That Should Not Be

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