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Saturday, September 26, 2009


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For his 7th studio album, Christophe Miossec has collaborated with another artist from Britany, Yann Tiersen. People who'd hoped it would sound like a mix of both artists works are in for a disappointment, it's pure Miossec it's all about. So what has Tiersen brought to the songs? And good compositions is the answer, plain and simple. Other than that, "Finistériens" is pretty much Christophe Miossec doing his thing only slightly better than he did on his two previous albums ("1964" and "L'étreinte", which weren't bad, mind, just a little too predictable lyric-wise). So what we're having here is basically chanson with the spoken/sung voice, good lyrics and that's pretty much it, the stylistic revolution will have to wait a little longer. Meanwhile, we can still enjoy an artist who knows how do do his job and does it well.

1. Seul ce que j'ai perdu
2. Les Joggers du dimanche
3. À Montparnasse
4. Les Chiens de paille
5. CDD
6. Nos plus belles années
7. Jésus au PMU
8. Haïs-moi
9. Fermer la maison
10. Loin de la foule
11. Une fortune de mer


Anonymous said...

indeniable, c' est du bon Miossec
je trouve que musicalement on retrouve bien la patte de Tiersen
mais que demander de plus

Mr Moodswings said...

Franchement, je n'entends que de rares bribes de Tiersen dans cet album qui reste, pour moi, du Miossec très classique même si probablement meilleur que sur les deux précédants albums.

AC Tato said...

Bonjour , je ne peux pas ovrir la text file avec le password "moodswings" , la meme chose avec le nouveau Fontaine

Mr Moodswings said...

MOODSWINGS pas moodswings (en majuscules quoi !) ;)