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Friday, September 25, 2009


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Almost as well known for their side projects, collaborations and connections with CAVE IN’S Stephen Brodsky and the vibrant Boston hardcore scene as their own considerable musical abilities — drummer Matt Redmond played with Brodsky in KID KILOWATT. CONVERGE’S Kurt Ballou briefly played drums in EULCID, and Law and Brodsky have recently formed NEW IDEA SOCIETY — EULCID’S The Wind Blew All The Fires Out is unquestionably a remarkable album, firmly standing on its own merits and music. A throwback of sorts to the post-rock/punk of early ’90s DC-inspired fury and DIY ethos, yet somehow never dating itself, The Wind Blew All The Fires Out retains all the energy and aggression of its predecessors yet reveals itself as an impeccably crafted and thoughtful endeavor. Utilizing layers of melodies, moods and tapestries of sound beneath the initial crash of EULCID’s fury, interwoven with meticulous playing that is at times restrained and at others nearly frenzied, The Wind! Blew All The Fires Out swirls in discordance excess while retaining melody and hooks, all the while being driven by the faltering yet perfect screams of Law. The Wind Blew All The Fires Out is not as much a traditional album as it is an adventurous and remarkable sonic journey posing as one.

1. Reaction Impulse Theory
2. To the Death of Intellectualism
3. Single Sender
4. To the Death of Irony
5. Forcing Forever Stopping Forever
6. Perfect
7. Persimmons
8. The Wind Blew So Hard All the Fires Went Out
9. Nickel Red
10. The Ocean vs. the Sand
11. Double Point Double Switch
Bonus Tracks
The Crane EP (1998)
1. Polite Guest
2. Postscript About Dancing
3. Dulling Gage
4. What to Do with Absent Space
5. Short Instrumental (Cranes)

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