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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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The Judas Factor have done something that few bands are ever able to do: they discovered what differentiates art from noise. They have managed to create a record, Ballads in Blue China, that not only has the energy to move the listener but allows the listener to enter into the moods and emotions that created it. You don't just listen to this record; you experience it. This New York outfit features members of 108, Ressurection, and Threadbare. However, one listen to this LP will demonstrate that this band is not interested in reliving it's past. Musically you will find no overwhelming influence. The sound ranges from a driving aggressiveness to total dissonance to quiet and troubled. Lyrically, it is one of the most honest and thought provoking records to have ever been made. You won't be supplied with flags to wave or slogans to chant. However, what you do get is a record that sincerely captures the minds and hearts of those who created it. The Judas Factor takes us on a thirty-minute cathartic journey of darkness, torment, regret and beauty. Ballads in Blue China reveals an honesty and vulnerability that will surely leave a mark in the music scene for years to come.

1. Beauty Mark
2. That Beautiful Old Victorian Bathtub
3. As I Lie Down To Die
4. Essay
5. Will You Wait Up For Me?
6. Choose Your Poison
7. My Favorite Stranger
8. If You Are Going To Kill Then Murder
9. Re-Invent
10. Intangibles
11. Stealing Away
12. The Last Song

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