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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


320 KBPS

The clear attraction of this, yet another Bill Laswell 90's era ex-Parliament mutation here, is funk giants Bootsy Collins and Buddy Miles together, who come right out the gate on "Got A Feelin'" with such ferocious groove and laid-back bad intent, the rest of the album can't possibly hope to compete. Even if you don't dig the vibe of this album, Buddy is going to get your attention for sure right around 0:45 of this lost Band of Gypsies track. All three musicians are magnificent here, "Sugah Bear" Miles wailing like a banshee, Bootsy and Salas driving it HARD and then bringing the song back into a nice little blues jam at the end, which Stevie proceeds to slowly chew to pieces, like a hungry blues bobcat. There are two clear Bootsy-dominated tracks, the slinky space sounds on "Hard Look," and the hard funk of "Leakin" where Collins also takes a vocal turn. Revisiting this album after a few years, its clear that Salas is the underappreciated element here. A well-traveled player who does not have nearly the pedigree of his bandmates, he nonethess holds his own, providing a very low-key presence and driving these monster funk excursions with sure-footed riffing, sweet Hendrixy tones, and respectful, low-key solos. Elsewhere he does a nice Electric Ladyland impersenation on "500 Years". Producer Bill Laswell and Salas's mix is nice and raw, especially around the kit, with some trademark Laswell psychadelic touches. Just for good measure there Gary Mudbone Cooper, and George Clinton add some vocal touches. Fans of Hendrix, any incarnation or refraction of P-Funk, and driving soulful hard rock are going to want to give this a listen. If you're lucky enough to find a copy of this out-of-print gem, don't even think about it, just buy it. And crank it.

1. Got a Feelin'
2. Waiting on You
3. What's Goin' Down
4. Love Obsession (When the Eagle Flies)
5. Hard Look
6. Shake It
7. Walls Came Down
8. 500 Years
9. Tell Me
10. Leakin'

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