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Monday, September 28, 2009


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What's really tricky is following up a debut as innovative and exquisite as 1995's Maxinquaye. Third time out (fourth if you count 1996's perplexing duets project Nearly God) and the artist formerly known as Adrian Thaws is still struggling to find the right balance of ambition and ability on Angels with Dirty Faces. The album has its moments: including a stirring collaboration with Polly Harvey on the bluesy "Broken Homes" and singer Martina Topley-Bird's eerie rendering of Billie Holiday's "God Bless the Child" on "Carriage for Two." If you liked the claustrophobic mire of last year's Pre-Millennium Tension, Angels won't disappoint. Otherwise, you may find it a downer.

1. Money Greedy
2. Mellow
3. Singing The Blues
4. Broken Homes
5. 6 Minutes
6. Analyze Me
7. The Moment I Feared
8. Talk To Me (Angels With Dirty Faces)
9. Carriage For Two
10. Demise
11. Tear Out My Eyes
12. Record Companies
Bonus tracks
13. Peyote Sings
14. Taxi

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