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Friday, September 25, 2009


320 KBPS

This album is not a hard rocking album, don't expect another Winger release. This is an album filled with great melodies and atmospheric tunes that are soothing and introspective, yet still grooving and catchy. There are strong classic rock undercurrents flowing beneath the music, yet it still sounds contemporary, relevant, and original. There are hints of world music injected into the proceedings, likely from his collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Cenk Eroglu, hailing from Istanbul, Turkey.
I was instantly grabbed by the opening notes of "Every Story Told" with its use of samples and synth blended with layered acoustic guitar and Winger's strong voice. This leads the way for such numbers as "Nothing", the melancholy "Where Will You Go," and Middle Eastern-flavored instrumentals like "Ghosts".
From the Moon to the Sun strikes me as a deeply personal album for the songwriter. There is much sadness throughout, balanced with moments of hope and redemption. The music here is filled with the emotion of a man working through tough emotions, letting them all out in the recording studio. I never thought Kip had great tonal range as a singer, and that remains true here, but his passion makes up for any range issues in his music. Just listen to him sing, brimming with emotion without a tinge of sentimentality. Frankly, this may be the best music I have heard from him.
I've seen Kip Winger perform a solo acoustic show and I was terribly impressed with his ability; it opened my eyes to the artist that I took for granted so many years ago. While I was, and still am, a fan of Winger I cannot say I ever thought much of him as an artist thinking my enjoyment was purely nostalgic. After hearing that live performance and this recording, I'm amazed at the artistry that he displays. Perhaps I wouldn't be if I paid more attention to his earlier solo work. Be that as it may, I find this album downright enchanting.
Bottomline. This is an album that should not be ignored or written off. It is a mature work from an artist who seems to be more comfortable in his own skin as he grows older. When the majority of songwriters may begin petering out, he has only grown stronger.

1. Every Story Told
2. Nothing
3. Where Will You Go
4. Pages and Pages
5. Ghosts
6. In Your Eyes Another Life
7. Runaway
8. California
9. What We Are
10. One Big Game
11. Why
12. Reason to Believe
Europe only bonus track
13. Monster (Remix)

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