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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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Recorded just before the band began cranking out their earliest hits on classic albums like Lovedrive and Animal Magnetism, Virgin Killer is the first of four studio releases that really defined the Scorpions and their urgent metallic sound that was to become highly influential. While there are no tracks recognizable to the casual fan like "Blackout" and "Another Piece of Meat," on Virgin Killer, serious fans of the group treasure this 1977 collection. Some all-time Scorpions standouts like "Pictured Life" and the title cut have all the necessary guitar chops and fierce falsetto melodies to get even the most jaded heavy metal old-timer teary eyed with nostalgia. Perhaps Virgin Killer isn't as focused as the brilliant Lovedrive or as tuneful as either Animal Magnetism or Blackout, but the group's trademark enthusiasm (the single element that separated and defined them, especially during the occasionally over-serious days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal) and dexterity shines through on this near-historic heavy metal collection.

1. Pictured Life
2. Catch Your Train
3. In Your Park
4. Backstage Queen
5. Virgin Killer
6. Hell Cat
7. Crying Days
8. Polar Nights
9. Yellow Raven


Anonymous said...

congrats for using the original cover and not the dumb-ass conservative american cover

pfelelep said...

que quoi! pas un mot sur la jaquette de l'album qui a tant fait couler d'encre, de haine et de puritanisme dans une grande partie du monde?

Même le tout premier commentaire le remarque! Allez Moodswings! On culturise ses lecteurs jusqu'au bout, bowdel! ;)

Mr Moodswings said...

Bah, tu sais, moi les polémiques puritanistes, je m'en bas les gonades... Alors non, on se concentre sur la musique car c'est ce qui compte. ;)