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Thursday, October 1, 2009


1001 NUITS (1993)
320 KBPS

When most "all-girls" band stick to the obvious, the French band Betty Boop, signed to French indie label Boucherie Productions (Mano Negra, Pigalle, Garçons Bouchers), didn't which might very well explain their lack of success.
Formed in 1989, they played an unusual mix of rock, groove, punk and female sensuality. It sure isn't perfect but the five girls had enough tricks in their bags to entertain the most difficult music lovers. On "1001 Nuits", their second and final album, they had summoned the spirit of the 60s and 70s creating a nice collection of songs. Produced by Dennis Morris, of the legendary British act Basement 5, this album explored many directions while remaining a cohesive whole making it a worthy addition to anyone's collection.
After sharing the stage with acts such as Mano Negra, Ludwig Von 88, Les Wampas and many others, the band called it quit a few months after releasing their second long play. Shame.

1. Vaudou Ali
2. 1001 Nuits
3. Gonna Have Fun
4. Ne désespérez pas
5. Boohoo Girl
6. Salima
7. Make It
8. Histoire banale
9. Le Magicien
10. Tout le monde dort
11. Voyage à la Havane

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Anonymous said...

Groovy!..i don't have any French music in my collection..good fun..thanks!