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Friday, October 16, 2009


320 KBPS

Vanishing Point is a great disc. As with all Primal Scream releases they wear their influences broadly and with distinct strokes. The background synthesized sounds are very much from a Hawkwind listening party in 1973. The beats totally modern. The guitars as crafted and to the point as ever. The vocals weave that Primal Scream druggy scene as perfectly as ever. They are in top form here, but I have a taste for all of their music in all it's forms, so at the top really does mean "at the top" of their game. I like the way they go from trippy 70s stylings to Satanic Majesties Request drum taps and finger pickings to the echoed and beat happy club sounds that are all the best of the Scream. Disonance is not a bad thing and when the Primal Scream uses this late 20th century musical technique it is to the advantage of the overall sound of the CD. Think smooth jazz and clubland neon dances, then you have Vanishing Point. HA! and the unrestrained joy of Medication and Motorhead as new century interpretations of 60's Seattle garage band rave-ups is dance crazy and a wonder to enjoy. And that is what makes Primal Scream so great, that they can move between genres in a flash and still be purely Primal Scream.

1. Burning Wheel
2. Get Duffy
3. Kowalski
4. Star
5. If They Move, Kill 'Em
6. Out Of The Void
7. Stuka
8. Medication
9. Motorhead
10. Trainspotting
11. Long Life

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