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Thursday, October 8, 2009



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Fact: Thelonious Monk is one of the most important composers--jazz or otherwise--of this century. Not only did Monk help invent the music we now call be-bop, but he also introduced jazz music to the avant-garde, setting the table for a tradition unmatched in American music. Monk's legacy is unquestioned and his melodies echo through almost every genre of music to this day. Yet one thing Thelonious never got enough credit for was his piano playing. Monk developed a halting, stop-start style as unique and singular as his compositions. While melodies seemed to drop from Monk's fingers, he also spiced his tunes with left-field plinks and plunks, blistering right-handed runs and thunderous left handed slams.
On Monk Alone: The Complete Solo Studio Recordings of Thelonious Monk 1962-1968, a two-CD collection, the genius of Monk is plainly evident. Monk can ache with what he called "ugly beauty" while also adding his own inventions to standards. The highlight of this collection, besides the wonderful liner notes and detailed discographic info, are 14 previously unreleased tracks, including alternate takes of Monk masterpieces like "Ruby, My Dear," "Introspection," and "Ask Me Now." A must-have.

Disc 1
1. Body And Soul (Remake Take 2)
2. Just A Gigolo
3. Don't Blame Me (Remake Take 1)
4. Nice Work If You Can Get It (Take 3)
5. Memories Of You (Take 1)
6. I Love You Sweetheart Of All My Dreams (Take 2)
7. I Surrender, Dear
8. Sweet And Lovely (Take 2)
9. Everything Happens To Me (Take 3)
10. I Should Care (Take 1)
11. North Of The Sunset (Take 1)
12. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) (Take 3)
13. I Hadn't Anyone Till You (Take 4)
14. Dinah (Take 2)
15. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
16. Monk's Point (Take 1)
17. Ask Me Now (Take 2)
18. Ruby, My Dear

Disc 2
1. 'Round Midnight
2. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
3. This is My Story, This Is My Song (Take 1)
4. Introspection
5. Darn That Dream (Take 1)
6. Body And Soul (Remake Take 3)
7. Body And Soul (Take 3)
8. Don't Blame Me (Take 1)
9. I Love You Sweetheart Of All My Dreams (Take 1)
10. Sweet And Lovely (Take 1)
11. Everything Happens To Me (Take 1)
12. Everything Happens To Me (Take 2)
13. I Hadn't Anyone Till You (Take 2)
14. Dinah (Take 1)
15. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (Take 1)
16. Ask Me Now
17. Everything Happens To Me (Take 3)
18. Introspection (Take 3)
19. Ruby, My Dear (Take 1)


Francisco Vallenilla said...

Gracias por postear estos discos. Monk, como dices en el comentario, fue uno de los más grandes del siglo XX. Quizás, en la lógica de la maquinaria comercial que termina arropándolo todo, Monk fue un poco eclipsado por otros gigantes, como Miles Davis y Dizzy Gillespie.
Thanks a lot for close us to him.

Ansina said...

Magnificent, thanks.