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Saturday, October 24, 2009



With his distinctive husky drawl and his strong regional accent, CharlElie Couture is one of the most colourful figures to have emerged from the new French music scene. Equally at home sitting behind his piano or strumming his acoustic guitar, CharlElie has experimented with a number of different musical styles in the course of his career, exploring rock and electronic music before re-discovering the blues on his latest album. CharlElie has not only made a name for himself as a talented singer/songwriter, he has also established an excellent reputation as a painter, photographer and producer.
On his 1987 & 1988 double set "Solo Boys/Solo Girls", and despite what the title might lead you to believe, Mister Couture did not commit a concept album about onanism. Here, Charlelie explored a world of solitude and 20th century alienation - themes which appeared to have become firm favourites with the talented singer/songwriter. CharlElie's album turned out to be something of a family affair, for the singer's brother Tom Novembre helped him produce "La Suprême dimension" (the first single release from the album) and also directed the accompanying video. The following year CharlElie returned to the studio to record "Solo Girls" the sequel album to "Solo Boys". Most of the tracks on this new album had been written around the same time as the songs on "Solo Boys", so the two fitted neatly together as a kind of extended double album. One of the most outstanding tracks on "Solo Girls" was the extremely popular "Aime-moi encore au moins".

SOLO BOYS (1987)
320 KBPS
1. La Suprême Dimension Zarathoustra Rock
2. Tu Joues Toujours
3. Keep On Movin' Esmeralda 2nd
4. Solo Boy
5. Jacky
6. Bemol Boogie
7. Guitarist
8. Demain Ailleurs
9. L'histoire De Bernard Workers
10. Longues Distances Calling

320 KBPS
1. Solo Girl
2. Elle N'aime Pas Ça
3. Violente Passion
4. Suria Devi
5. Rachel
6. Juanita La Méduse
7. Cindy Fait Semblant
8. Le Sens De Sa Vie
9. Aime Moi Encore Au Moins
10. Golden Fish

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