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Monday, October 12, 2009


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It's always refreshing to hear bands who put real effort into their music and Wave Pictures are definitely one of them.
Lyrically, they are superb, and there are plenty of genuine laugh out loud moments on "Instant Coffee Baby". We hear about how the singer "picked a fight I couldn't finish /with a Marine from the village / he won" and how a girl made it back on her feet after falling and ripping her tights "with the girl from Baker's Oven holding back your hair". There are numerous other examples of this lyrical wizardry scattered throughout the album but to list them all would be over the top. You just need to hear it yourself.
However, the above is not to say that they are some kind of comedy band; far from it. Their lyrics are also tender and personal and often memorable.
Musically, yes there are similarities to Hefner, but I also hear in their music early Go-Betweens, Jonathan Richman, Violent Femmes, and also I Am Kloot. From that list, you will gather that the Wave Pictures often play a kind of acoustic based guitar folk pop, but that's not to say that these songs are minimal or stripped down; they are a full band and employ plenty of different instruments which are used energetically.
Stand out tracks are "Friday Night In Loughborough", which boasts fantastic "night out" lyrics that Arctic Monkeys would kill for and "I Love You Like A Madman" where singer David Tattersall hilariously wonders whether the Christmas presents he got for his girlfriend could have been improved!
There are too many highs on this album to mention them all; but anyone with an interest in witty and intelligent music should check this out.

1. Leave the scene behind
2. I love you like a madman
3.We come alive
4. Kiss me
5. Instant coffee baby
6. Avocado Baby
7. Friday night in Loughborough
8. Red wine teeth
9. Strange fruit for David
10. Just like a drummer
11. I remembered
12. January and december
13. Cassius Clay

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