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Saturday, October 10, 2009


320 KBPS

"The Satellite Years" is Hopesfall's 3rd effort (the other two being The Frailty of Words and No Wings To Speak Of), and what a great album it is. Spacey rock opener Andromeda sets the mood, and the album only gets better from there. The cd is amazing in the fact that Hopesfall can go from heavy riffs to soft melodic interludes. With clever lyrics, great vocals, and incredible music, this album completely delivers.
"The Satellite Years" is the first Hopesfall release to feature the vocals of Jay Forrest. Forrest has a good hardcore scream through out the album, and his scream certainly contributes to the atmosphere of the album. Hopesfall certainly can pull off what a lot of bands can't: shifting from heavy guitar parts, to soft meandering melodic interludes/endings. The bottom line is that "The Satellite Years" is a very refreshing spacey melodic hardcore album.

1. Andromeda
2. Waitress
3. Dead In Magazines
4. Dana Walker
5. Decoys Like Curvers
6. A Man Exits
7. Redshift
8. Only The Clouds
9. Escape Pod For Intangibles
10. The Bending

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