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Thursday, October 15, 2009


320 KBPS

Recorded during the 30th anniversary tour of the Canadian rock flagship Saga, Contact: Live In Munich is also a document of the end of an era. Singer and co-founder Michael Sadler left the band after the tour to reserve and spend more time with his family and new born son. Another reason why the sold out show in Munich turned into an emotional musical highlight for both the band and the audience. Once again Saga lead the listeners through all the milestones of their highly successful career, combined with material from the last studio album 10,000 Days.

1. The Interview
2. That's As Far As I'll Go
3. You're Not Alone
4. I'm OK
5. Can't You See Me Now
6. Book Of Lies
7. The Perfectionist
8. Drum Solo
9. The Flyer
10. Mind Over Matter
11. The Security Of Illusion
12. Time's Up
13. Piano Solo
14. Scratching The Surface

1. We've Been Here Before
2. On The Air
3. On The Loose
4. Careful Where You Step
5. 10,000 Days
6. Wind Him Up
7. Humble Stance
8. Don't Be Late
9. What's It Gonna Be?

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