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Thursday, October 15, 2009


320 KBPS

What a beauty! Assembling sounds that are sometimes separated by a millenium is quite a tour de force but it works so well that it just feels right. So, here, you have two Frenchmen (Marc Durif and Michel Gravil), both wizards of an unusual kind of intelligent and dreamy house music related electronica, who managed to produce what could very well be the finest electronic album to have ever surfaced from France. That says a lot since France has always been stong on electronica. To add grace to their sound, they worked with Elisa Carrahar, whose voice is kind of a ear-hug, and added organic instruments (hurdy gurdy, harp, etc.) which give "La Chanson de Roland" its timeless sound. More than just an electronica album, this is a work of art we're dealing with, one that's so rare it has to be cherrished and revered. A must hear.

1. DJ GG
2. La Chanson De Roland
3. Bewildered
4. Omnibus
5. Elisa
6. Plaid
7. Middle
8. Spleen
9. Bewildered (Mas 1982 Dub)
10. Prayer
11. Close Of Day


greun said...

Ex-EP est pas mal aussi, je dirai même mieux pour être totalement objectif =)

Mr Moodswings said...

Je ne le connais pas celui là...
Si le coeur te dit de le partager, je t'en remercie d'avance.

Anonymous said...

Difficile de se faire une opinion, car le fichier proposé pèse 0 ko
grande frustration !
bcp merci qd même pour les autres

Mr Moodswings said...

Eûs-tu été un peu plus curieux, tu aurais téléchargé le fichier, tu l'aurais ouvert te servant du mot de passe (qu'on localise facilement sur la colonne de droite) et tu te serais appercçu qu'il contenanait le lien te permettant d'accéder à l'album. Dommage... ;)

J Thyme...kind said...

This sound really good. Thanks in advance.