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Saturday, October 17, 2009


320 KBPS

This French multi-instrumentalist electronics whizz-kid and one-man orchestra, Juantrip has made a massively ambitious musical statement with Balmy Under Stormy. Taken as songs or as an uninterrupted flow of suites this is a masterpiece. If Syd had stayed in Pink Floyd and together with the Art of Noise they decided to outdo Sgt. Pepper, using only a slingshot and a couple hatfuls of smoke. It is a trip, intended to take you on a journey, and it does this admirably, feeling like a feature length wide-screen cycle of; life, passion, fear, elation and bliss. This deserves to be what Dark Side of the Moon became, it should be treasured and embraced by millions of receptively worshipful lunatics of every stripe worldwide, though, truth be told, Balmy... is much more fun.

1. Movies
2. Electronic
3. Ble
4. Fly To The Moon
5. Picture This Kind Of Her
6. Shadows
7. Waiting For The Train
8. Downward Rush Of The Stre
9. Lady Penelope
10. Choose A Lover Real
11. Demon Out


J Thyme...kind said...

I hope this lives up to your review. Sounds promising.

J Thyme...kind said...

Readymade "Bold" is a goodie from F Communications, so I'll trust that labels good name.