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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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Diesel is not an italian brand of jeans. Well, it is, but the Diesel here isn't. It's an Aussie rocker than once played in a combo named Johnny Diesel & The Injectors before going solo and shortening his name to Diesel.
After his debut album, the 1992 Australian hit album Hepfidelity, Diesel returned with more of the same mix of soul, rock and pop songwriting. His voice was still as sexy as it's had been but the compositions showed more refinement and skill than they ever did. Think John Mellencamp meets Dan Reed meets Prince meets Jimmy Barnes and you will not be far from what Johnny's produced on Solid State Rhyme.
And, yes, it's a good album but nobody, except Australians, even knew about it. Here's your chance to catch up on a criminally unknow artist.

1. Chill Pill
2. Get It On
3. Love Again
4. All Come Together
5. You
6. Sacred Cow
7. Make It Right
8. Still Thinking About Your Love
9. 15 Feet Of Snow
10. Come If You Dare
11. Bad Seed
12. Blur
13. Time

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This guy really is vastly underrated (and I don't use that term often!). I have this, but thanks for giving others a heads up on it!