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Friday, October 9, 2009


320 KBPS

I can never decide which Melt-Banana album is my favorite, but I always come back to Speak, Squeak, Creak. Teeny Shiny is genius on a slightly different level, and Cellscape has many great moments, but this album is more of an all-out assault, yet still maintaining that bizarrely catchy quality that Melt-Banana is so adept at maintaining in such harsh, abrasive music. The fifteen second songs and percussive vocals may prove impenetrable to a first time listener, who might be better off with the more accessible selections found on Teeny Shiny and Cellscape, but if this music doesn't get you going, Melt-Banana may not be for you.
It's ridiculously hard to predict who will enjoy Melt-Banana. Anyone with an interest in grindcore, powerviolence, etc, should recognize their genius immediately, but it seems that punk fans of all shapes and sizes as well as those who just like original music are strangely drawn to it. I tend to stay away from the subgenres of punk that have harsher vocals, but Melt-Banana is completely different from anything else out there. I say give them a try, because it may very well be a life-changing experience. I first heard Melt-Banana several months ago, and since then, I've barely listened to anything else, and I drove 400+ miles to see them live, which was an amazing experience which I can't recommend enough (the show, not the driving).
As far as the actual music, it's just amazing. Few other words can actually capture it. It changes directions constantly, coaxes bizarre noises out of the guitar, and has vocals which act as a percussion instrument more than the carrier of a message (the actual lyrics being a nonsensical jumble of english words and bizarre onamatopoeia). Everyone should be exposed to it at least once, although it may prove too much for some.

1. Tail in Garbage (Tekepake)
2. Rragg
3. In x Out = Bug
4. Scrubber
5. So Unfilial Rule
6. Dust Head
7. Teaspoon of Salt
8. Stick Out
9. Mouse Is a Biscuit
10. 55 Hands Need to Cut Down
11. P-Pop-Slop
12. Smell the Medicine
13. Switch
14. P.B.D.
15. Mind Thief
16. Chicken Headed Raccoon Dog
17. Cry for More Fish
18. Screw, Loose
19. Cook Cool Kyau Kuru
20. Scissor Quiz
21. Too Many to Dispose
22. Blandished Hatman
23. Cut Off
24. Pierced Eye

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