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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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6 years after the critically acclaimed "L'Imprudence", Alain Bashung returns for what was to be his final album as he died a few months after its release.
This new album will not surprise those familiar with Bashung's work. There's always his unique grace mixed with a poetic blend of country, pop, rock, blues and chanson. More Accessible than Bashung's previous works, Bleu Pétrole reminds the work of a man that thinks of art as something superior to life.
There is also two cover songs, Leonard Cohen's Suzanne and Gérard Manset's Il Voyage en Solitaire which fit with the rest of the songs perfectly.
All in all, this is another great offering from Bashung and, sadly, his last.

1. Je T'Ai Manqué
2. Résidents de La République
3. Tant de Nuits
4. Hier à Sousse
5. Vénus
6. Comme un Lego
7. Sur un Trapèze
8. Je Tuerai La Pianiste
9. Suzanne
10. Secret des Banquises
11. Voyage en Solitaire


monkeyonmyback said...

Hello mr Moodswings, I'm sorry to say that your links are blocked by rapidsh... due to possible illegal content??
I sure hope they don't get on your neck.
Always happy to find new(or old) ideas for music to listen to

Mr Moodswings said...

Links are back. ;)

Anonymous said...

merci pour cette serie sur Bashung

Anonymous said...

en effet, un grand album