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Thursday, October 8, 2009


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Following the tragic passing of his dear friend Jeff Porcaro in 1992, and having taken on Toto's lead vocal duties on the hard rocking Kingdom of Desire album and extensive world tour, Luke turned his considerable energies to his second solo album. His legendary mega session-guitarist status aside, most would recognise Lukather for his Toto ballads "I won't hold you back" and "I'll be over you" (both of which were subsequently sampled for summer anthem dance remixes). Candyman, the title a tribute to his iconic hero Sammy Davis Jnr, allows Lukather to stretch out beyond the more pop/rock orientated Toto material and display his outstanding talents in a completely different context. Demonstrating a new drive and energy in both his vocals and guitar playing, Candyman also features his Los Angeles club jam band Los Lobotomys, with Simon Phillips (who replaced Jeff Porcaro in both Toto and Los Lobotomys), David Garfield and John Pena. Lukather pays homage to Hendrix on a hard rocking cover of "Freedom" with backing vocal assistance from Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Company). The album features the truly awesome 17/8 frenzy of "Party in Simon's Pants" and according to Lukather, a tribute to Steely Dan in "Born Yesterday". Naturally, Lukather's melancholic and reflective mood is captured in "Borrowed Time", "Never Let Them See You Cry", "Never Walk Alone", "Extinction Blues" and the Jeff Beck inspired emotional outpouring of "Song for Jeff".
From the first riff of the heavy fusion track "Hero With a 1000 eyes" Candyman sets its stall: a brilliant collection of highly emotional material and the finest musicianship.

1. Hero With a 1,000 Eyes
2. Freedom
3. Extinction Blues
4. Born Yesterday
5. Never Walk Alone
6. Party in Simon's Pants
7. Borrowed Time
8. Never Let Them See You Cry
9. Froth
10. Bomber
11. Song for Jeff

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