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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


IAN MOORE (1994)
320 KBPS

If you're a fan of the Next Generation of guitar blues, al la Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Chris Duarte, Anthony Gomes, Doyle Bramhall II, Corey Stevens, etc. this is one of the best albums. This is where Ian Moore started, rooted deep in the blues with a lot of rock flare. Moore can play well, but add in his singing and he's definitely a complete musician.
There are a lot of great songs on this album. From the wah-laden rhythms to blazing solos this album has it all. Moore has a good sense of phrasing, and uses his notes to speak his thoughts. Although he can shred at times, his solos are more about quality than quantity. The solo during "How Does It Feel" is a good example. The song is loud and distorted, yet he resorts to steep bends and long vibratos saving the fast finger work until the outro solo, and then he shows his speed only briefly. "Deliver Me" is a great call and response between his voice and guitar with a good rhythm, a beautiful chorus and a pretty killer solo. Other great tunes on this album are "Blue Sky", "Satisfied", and "Carry On."
Another plus for Moore is the fact that he surrounds himself with good musicians as well. Bukka Allen on keys and organ does an incredible job. He knows what he's doing while backing Moore's vocals on "Deliver Me", which also includes a great solo from him as well. On "How Long" he pulls the rhythm accompanying Moore's guitar providing depth to the song. Add in Michael Villegas keeping time and Chris White on the bass and you have a very strong band.
This is definitely a keeper, and anyone who loves rockin' guitar blues will enjoy this album.

1. Nothing
2. Revelation
3. Satisfied
4. Blue Sky
5. Not in Vain
6. Harlem
7. How Does It Feel
8. Deliver Me
9. How Long
10. Please God
11. Carry On

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