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Thursday, October 15, 2009


320 KBPS

Sure, 80 percent of emo bands are also-rans, but for what valid movement was that not true after an initial burst of creativity? Exercising selectivity, the post-Fugazi/Dischord style sounds pretty kicking and screaming when played well, and that's what we have here. This New York four has been sharpening lances over an EP produced by ex-Gray Matter and Senator Flux great Geoff Turner, a single, and a split-single with Hot Water Music, so they're ready for the whole bite of an LP. True, Games at High Sppeds sounds like it could have been released on Dischord a decade ago, but played so well, it's no less for breaking new ground. The point is that jagged, high-pummel rhythmic tracks such as "Zero Return" and "It's Good to Be Here in Paris" seem to leap off the burner with a tight-wound ferocity, shouted-sung vocals, and some menacing brutality (not metallic) that some of the more polite emo bands could stand to get a measure of. Pilot to Gunner could stand to get some more aural/stylistic variety, instead of being in your face with the heavy stuff every second. But in small segments, this rips.

1. Every Minute Is A Movie
2. We Got Games At High Speeds
3. Action Items
4. Zero Return
5. Put It In The Post
6. Its So Good To Be Here In Paris
7. Bring It Live
8. Believer Receiver
9. Band Finale
10. The Lurid Loop's Dead

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