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Friday, October 9, 2009


320 KBPS

On his 2001 release, the French clarinetist/saxophonist/Bandeonist Michel Portal has teamed up with some of the best musicians of the US scene. Tony Hyman plauys the piano and keyboards, Vernon Reid the electric guitar and Michael Bland (best know for his work with Prince) the drums.
Far from his free jazz or later very structured productions, Minneapolis is a cry of joy with groove and soul all over the place. Of course, the place of recording, Minneapolis, has been an inspiration to Michel, infusing some badass funk influences which bring a breath of fresh air in his precious jazz. Some of the tracks are genuine jam sessions while other are precise little compositions but all fits together so well that it's hard to tell which is what. Of course, the Mingus cover, Good Bye Pork Pie Hat, shines but all the tunes are great which makes of Minneapolis a must hear for anyone into jazz.

1. Domimonk
2. MP On The Run
3. Sky Tinted Water
4. Matourmatourmatourmalet
5. Good Bye Pork Pie Hat
6. On Nicollet Avenue
7. The Squirrel And The Loons
8. The Talking Bag
9. Judy Garland
10. Solitudes
11. The Dred Scott Marker
12. Shopping For Black Shirts
13. Au Black Dog
14. Cinco De La Tarde

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