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Monday, October 19, 2009


320 KBPS

I seem to remember this band causing quite a commotion when they first came out. People were split down the middle on this direction that this band were taking hardcore music. Probably because this band was not interested in being as fast or as loud or as crazed as many of their peers. Hoover use alot of quiet parts in their songs and interject a moody atmosphere. They don't seem concerned about going fast, in fact, they like things slow and building up in repetitious circles. dubby basslines carry the weight of these songs with the guitar making tasteful and tuneful interjections. The drums are solid and have a great flow. The vocals are a low key croon that keep with the somewhat eerie and tense feeling of paranoia that these songs tend to inspire. Very good album that inspired hundreds, millions of trite imposters that had no business putting out records. Oh well...Cheers to the originators, cheers to Hoover.

1. Distant
2. Pretender
3. Electrolux
4. Shut
5. Route 7
6. Regulator Watts
7. Father
8. Cable
9. Letter
10. Cuts Like Drugs
11. Return
12. Private
13. Dries

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